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3分快三单期计划计划:Break through the 300Wh/kg threshold,the layout of solid-state battery is urgent

全天3分快三计划手机版 The development of power battery industry should not only focus on the short term,but also be based on the long term.For the current battery electric vehicle products widely adopted three yuan,can satisfy 2020 short-term goal monomer 300Wh/kg is needs the great effort of industry,for the long-term goal of 500Wh/kg,a number of power battery experts think the current technology development,solid-state batteries are the best person to the next generation of tcchonology.

Chen liquan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, strongly suggested at the "2017 international summit on electric vehicle power battery industry development and technological innovation" held on aug 25 that "the development of solid-state batteries is urgent".


Chen liquan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering

In addition to this advantage can achieve higher energy density, solidstate batteries have safer, circularity, and low cost more, better, general manager of Beijing who blue new energy technology co., LTD. Yu will root is introduced, mainly because the properties of solidstate batteries may have the following ten: to inhibit lithium dendrite, difficult to combustion, explosion, no continuous interfacial reaction, no electrolyte leakage, dry problem, better high temperature performance, no bilge gas, raw material purity is reduced, the positive choice is wide, the active material volume reduction, internal batteries in series.


Yu huigen, general manager of Beijing weilan new energy technology co., LTD

At present, Japan and South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries havebegun to layout solidstate batteries, but basically in the small capacity of the sample cell stage. In China, more than ten research institutions and enterprises, such as institute of physics of Chinese academy of sciences, institute of chemistry of Chinese academy of sciences, dalian institute of chemical compounds, ningde times, tianjin lishen and avic lithium battery, have carried out research on solidstate batteries. The main technical directions at home and abroad are polymer solid state battery, thin film solid state battery, sulfide electrolyte based solid state battery, etc.

Although solidstate batteries show obvious advantages in many aspects, there are some problems to be solved at the same time. Solid electrolyte and interelectrode interface impedance is large, interface compatibility is poor, interface lithium ion conductivity is low, solid electrolyte volume expansion and contraction in the process of charging and discharging, resulting in easy separation of interface; The electrode matching with the solid electrolyte is to be designed and constructed, and the lithium ion battery system suitable for the solid electrolyte is studied and developed. The preparation process is complex and the cost is high.

Worldwide,solidstate batteries are expected to be produced in small quantities around 2020. BMW says it hopes to achieve a breakthrough in solid-state,batteries by 2026 and then mass-produce them. Toyota is also working on solid-state batteries, and has developed prototypes with an energy density of 400 Wh/L, which Toyota researchers say could be commercially available around 2020 and substantially improved by 2025

According to yu huigen, based on the advantages of solidstate batteries mentioned above and the current problems that need to be solved, it will take some time for solidstate batteries to go from laboratory to industrialization. It is expected that smallscale mass production will be realized after 2020, while large-scale application will take a longer time.

As the next generation technology direction of power battery, solid state battery can greatly improve the safety and energy density of power battery. Chen liquan stressed that we should actively support the research and development and industrialization of solid state battery, so that the lithium battery industry can lead from following to leading, and promote the promotion and application of electric vehicles. Xiao chengwei, chief expert of the power battery group for major energy conservation and new energy vehicle projects under the national "863" plan, also said that support for solid-state batteries is being studied at the national level。

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